My comfy chair
Gently rocking
Mind wandering.

Breathe deep
Eyes close



A Visit With Sadness

I had a visit from Sadness today.
I was thinking she would be by soon.

Normally Anger or
Denial meet her at the door.
Today I met her
after the first gentle knock.

She looked tired
like she had just spent time with Fear.
She had one hand wrapped around her middle
The other holding herself up on the door frame.

I’ve never really looked at her so close before.

Her face was tear-stained
Her eyes dark and distance.

I invited her in.

I pulled out a chair for her at the table
Brewed some tea.
It was warm.

We both took a deep breath
Then she began to talk.

She talked about things I had not heard about.
Things I didn’t know.

I cried with her
Held her
Told her I was sorry I hadn’t heard her before.

She left sooner today then she normally does.
I had Love and Joy walk her home.

I know I will see her again.
That will be a good visit too.

Two worlds

I stand in the ocean
Between two worlds.

To my left
A sun. A world of

To my right
A moon. A world of

I move left and see
Intense heat

I move right and see

Puzzled I look to the sky
It is not two worlds
It is one.

Not Yet

I feel a pull to go forward, to something I just cannot see
I stand at the edge, waiting to understand.
I don’t want to go. Not yet.

Before me is nothing but darkness, a road I’ve never been on
I’m not really walking but stumbling
And I don’t want to go.  Not yet

I weep for what I wanted that didn’t happen.
I weep for what I thought that wasn’t true.
I weep knowing I can’t stay where I am but not wanting to go.
Not yet.

I’m told that this place is better.
That it’s bright and lovely and good.
But I’m scare to leave all my old hopes and dreams.
I don’t want to go. Please, Not yet.

Coffee with God

Warm steam surrounds then cools my face.
Sip…sweet, rich…breathe.

A tiny idea percolates,
trickles into form.
Ok – thank you.


We all wander through space
Endless Spirit stretched through time
We connect and get a glimpse of how to be whole.

Can we see this wholeness?
The Bliss in connecting and finding ourselves in another
Can we keep it or will we allow the veil of humanity to cover our real selves?

I look at you and can see myself
The parts of myself I can not remember
I find them in you – Thank you.