I’ve been thinking about this post for a few weeks.  Since I decided to visit a local flea market actually.  I’m sure you have been to a busy place before.  A mall, a parade, a market.  Whatever the place the amount of material there is immense.  I was surrounded by clothing, glassware, furniture, food, jewelry, toys, just to name a few.  This was a place that could be overwhelming and indeed after a few hours I found I needed to find some space.  The colors, sights, smells and sheer numbers were uncountable.

The experience got me to thinking just how much STUFF there is in the world.  Which is interesting as most people (myself included) run on the assumption that their isn’t enough for them.  For whatever the reason the idea stuck with me and I found myself contemplating it for several day.  Have you every really looked around at how much is in existence?  Just look around your house, the material needed to make your furniture, your fabrics (clothing, rugs, curtains), what about the plastics?  What is the plastic composed of?  The glass, the numbers of grains of sand it took to make the glass?!  The food in your pantry?  And that, that right there was what brought up the next thought I had.

How can we have people with so little when there is so much?  Follow through on the thoughts here.  Let’s say you bought a shirt at a store…Target, JCPenny…whatever.  How many shirts just like the one you got were still hanging on the rack?  How many shirts were in the store?  How many stores are there?  Think about the amount of cotton it took to make all those shirts (not to mention any other material it might be made of).  Now let’s take it a step further, how many shirts do you already have?  How many thrift and second hand stores are in your neighborhood?  How can there be that many shirts??

And of course the next question is how can there be people that don’t have shirts?

This is just an example but so far I haven’t been able to think of a single thing that there aren’t huge numbers for.  I can’t understand numbers that large.  Food….yes, there really is that much food.  Distribution is the problem.  This isn’t a new idea and in fact I have read a lot about it from many places.  But this last week or two I became aware of it in a profound way.

In addition to this I have been watching some fascinating documentaries and the shear abundance of our world staggers me.  I’m not sure there is any real purpose in all of this except awareness.  Becoming more aware of exactly what is available makes it easier to remind myself in times of lack to remember, there really isn’t any lack…I just need to be directed to another source.  It’s comforting to remember that when I get stressed or distracted.  And it can be used in lack of any type.  There is plenty enough of everything for everyone.  With that knowledge I can do as Jesus directed John the Baptist to do while in prison, look over the limitation of the prison wall.  See what else is happening and available around you.  Be open to possibility and don’t get lost in appearances….cause there is always enough.  Enough love, faith, hope and yes even food.  🙂


My Spiritual Thanksgiving

I know, I’m a week late on this topic which isn’t supposed to be good for bloggers. Timeliness online is critical – but the realization only hit me this morning so what the hell.

I was up early, like 4:30am early, and contemplating my life.  I do that so often it’s a defining part of my personality.  I guess Socrates’ quote of the unexamined life is at least true for me.  I’ve been struggling with depression this last year and this morning I started out with those questions.  We’ve all had them; what am I doing, why am I doing it, is this all there is?  When I find myself drowning in those thoughts I turn to prayer and meditation.  I meditated a long time this morning on acceptance, peace, love.  All those amazing attributes that I find lift myself up.  After awhile I headed downstairs to make coffee and breakfast.  My mind still swirling with thoughts from my time with God and they weren’t necessarily more positive yet.

This is the time where I need to get a little metaphysical and risk opinions.  See, God to me is the process by which life functions.  God isn’t a “he” or a “she” to me, God just IS.  God is process, God is law.  I also believe that all of existence has God in it.  I am expression of God, the rock is an expression of God, the stream, the bird, the bacteria….everything is a unique expression of God.  So at my base level I am God expressing as Jennie, the single mother of 35 living and working in NC.  I also believe that God doesn’t pass judgment, God allows consequences.  If A, B, C happen well then God (natural law) means D will be the consequence.  And of course this is horribly simplified because God is way bigger than anything I can begin to truly understand.

Ok now with that background my thoughts as I’m making coffee went something like this:

God is timeless, there is no time.  Everything happens through Divine order and as such is perfect.  God is the process of life, the how and why of all things.  God allows every form of creation to express through Love.  My deepest self is also part of that process, God, and so I am timeless.  Each moment is as it should be always which means I am always given what I need/want/ask for in a certain sense – right about then I began to pour my coffee.  That’s when this powerful perspective of Thanksgiving hit.  The coffee is an expression of God.  God allowed the coffee to be created, and travel to my home so I could drink it.  And I really love coffee….Wow, Thank you God for the coffee!

That beautiful and simple reminder this morning, which of course also was a gift allowed by God, was magnificent.  I was thankful for my bowl and hot water.  I was thankful for the stove and spoons and electricity.  I was overwhelmed with gratitude for everything.  God, thank you for allowing my expression of you as Jennie, the single mother of 35 living in NC.  🙂  Cause you know what, Jennie is pretty cool.  And I’m honored to be expressing God in this way, as me.

I hope that all of you have similar moments of gratitude in your life.  That they come often and last long.  What a wonderful experience.

Thank you.


Coffee with God

Warm steam surrounds then cools my face.
Sip…sweet, rich…breathe.

A tiny idea percolates,
trickles into form.
Ok – thank you.

Love Is…

Today is the day of love. It’s on everyone’s mind, even mine. I wonder how we think about love though? I’ve been thinking about it a lot; what it is, what it isn’t. How to get it, how to have it. I find it interesting that we put this day of love in February when it’s cold and somewhat bleak, yet beautiful and silent. I know I’m not really where I hope to be with my understanding with love. Being divorced it’s easy to become cynical about love I suppose. But only cynical about the love that is maybe not real anyway.

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