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Education –
M.S. Library Science – Suma Cum Laude
North Carolina Central University

B.S. in Biological Science
University of Wisconsin-Whitewater

Awards –
Most Likely to Brighten Your Day, Miller-Motte College

Most Spirit, Miller-Motte College



When I was young my 4th of July was typical.  I grew up in the Midwest…my backyard was literally a cornfield.  A small town, a train ran through it.  There was a main street with a theater.  There were two, maybe three restaurants.  A post office, a library…one grocery store.  If you wanted to do any real shopping it was a 20 min drive to the city to get what you needed or wanted.  Pretty Americana…

This fourth I’m at home watching American History films and listening to classical guitar.  I took a road trip.  Had a glass of wine.  Listened to my dog bark and the strange booming noises outside.  So very different from my childhood fourth with its sparklers and lightening bugs.  When you looked at the lights in the sky and were amazed…

I wonder with all the things happening in our world what Freedom really means.  What about this?  What about that?  It seems when you bring people together that inevitably problems follow shortly after them.  I struggle, each opinion has its on merits.  Each thought and perspective just as valid as the other in most cases.  How do we as Americans really create a freedom that is there for everyone, in every country, of every race, gender and ethnicity?  How do we as HUMANS create that?

The fireworks draws our eyes to the sky and a person looks at that immensity and sees the Universe spread out.  Something so vast that it makes us feel small.  And perhaps that is where this Freedom comes to fruition.  By knowing that their is space for everything.  I don’t need to keep someone else from being less so I can hold on to my own sense of well being…there is enough space for both, for all.  I think that is what God sees.  I think that God knows that there is enough space and so we don’t have to force anything on anyone.  They can do their own thing, it’s all good.

Can you do that?  Can you look at each person, object and thing and give it its space?  Can you allow it to be what and how it is?  That seems to be real freedom.  I’m a dreamer obviously….the idealist waiting for Utopia to open its doors…but what if we could?  What if we could allow that space, that freedom.  Surely that Independence is close to Love (capitol L).

I could go on but it would just be rambling.  My heart aches tonight for the weary I suppose.  For those that struggle and fight and I want to tell them they don’t need to.  That what we all really need to do is just give space.  To give Love.

Happy Fourth of July everyone.  May your year of freedom be glorious.


I am the shifting sands of the desert
I am the crashing waves on the shore.

I am the drifting clouds on the horizon
and the lightening streaking the sky.

I am the movement of planets and stars
the swell of emotions in the heart.

I cannot be made static.
I cannot stand still.

Each moment brings something inconstant.
Each moment the path becomes new.

A Study In Opposites

You could search the entire Earth and not find two people different then my son and daughter.  I was watching them together the other day in the house and was truly amazed at the differences between the two.  Let me share…. Continue reading

In Bright Colors

I felt the need to post this today because of the weather.  Today, during another wintery mess, my children and I had ANOTHER snow day.  I have lost count but I believe we are 9 for the year which in NC, is kind of unheard of.  It was in the low 30’s, with a rainy/icy/sleety mix falling from the heavens all day long.

I am so sick of winter.  And the rain. And the clouds.  I want sunshine that lasts more than 24 hours (outside of the night hours) and with that attitude I am posting some pictures of a fabulous yellow jacket I found several weeks ago.  I love it! Continue reading

A new home – Career College Library

So I’ve moved my posts, and have taken up residence in a new space in the virtual world.  It wasn’t a real long stay here but a good learning place for me.  Checkout my new home at

Until then!  Ta Ta!


Moving forward – becoming the “career college librarian”

I’m still an infant with this blogging thing.  If you’ve read my first post, Blogging Rational or my About page then you know I’m a librarian.  I had this crazy itch to get in on the “conversation” but wasn’t sure what to focus on.  I think like most librarians my interests are wide and varied, it’s part of why I like my job so much.  I mean what isn’t relevent to the library? 🙂

In the time before I took the plunge and actually started the blog I continually talked myself out of writing about my field.  I would say things to myself like; “another library blog?”, “what do you really have to add that’s interesting”, “your colleagues will turn away because of the type of library you represent.”, and much more.  With all that floating in my head I thought I would instead just get into it, test the waters and see what develops.  I’ve started to get the hang of it a little more each day and found that the little itch with writing about my field wouldn’t go away.  I needed to speak from my professional place.  So, with some shaky confidence I’m going to do just that and hope that what I have to say represents my particular sector of librarianship in a new way.  I hope that bridges will be built between members of my profession and that I can help define the type of college library I work in; maybe even help define this sector of higher education all together. 

So the messages and probably the look of the blog will be changing over the coming months.  I’m going to publicly declare myself as a Career College Librarian with pride because it is with pride that I function in my career.  My following here is still small but I hope that those from my field that don’t know much about the for-profit college library stay and find out more.  You will be surprised.  My goal here is to raise some awareness.  For-profit colleges are growing steadily in the U.S. and abroad, I want the impression of our role in those institutions to be seen with respect, like all librarians wish to be seen.  As the entire future of our profession changes I believe it’s vital we reach out in new ways and collaborate with new partners.  I want to help mold a critical component to every college in an area where we haven’t always been represented. 

I encourage you to join me, actually I encourage you to help me.  I’ll need opinions, perspectives, critics and supporters.  I’m looking for mentors, role models, peers, and maybe even adversaries.  🙂  I don’t want to blog about my day on the clock.  I want to bring awareness to a sector of librarianship that gets very little attention and who needs a lot. 

So there you go.  The future of this blog in less than 500 words.  I welcome your thoughts and questions.  I’m in this to grow and learn even more than I am to demonstrate so don’t hold back.