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Greetings and thank you for taking an interest!  Consider this… is an attempt to engage in meaningful digital conversations.  The goal is really to challenge us all to think beyond what we understand.  It will not be a place to always find answers per say but instead a forum to think of new questions.

In starting this blog I have gone through several life transitions and this space has morphed with me.  Starting as a place to get my feet wet with blogging I left this space for a bit to create a more professional blog and since then I have gone back to introspection, which is really what this site is about.  A spot for me to indulge in interesting thoughts in my head simply to get them out and into the world.  Many of these posts have been cathartic in writing and if I’m very blessed, they will be insightful for those reading them.

I was a library professional in higher education and my professional blog focused on that.  In the last few years I have moved out of the library (though you can NEVER take the library out of the girl) and began working in curriculum development.  As this is a personal blog though you will find limited to no talk about my professional live.  Instead this is a place for me to think my big ideas, to share crazy antics from my two children and to remember to focus on all the blessings in my life.  Frequently my posts start with a question or a challenge and I come to some sort of contentment through the writing process to whatever topic I was pondering.

I believe in the power of Spiritual living, relationships, and the human spirit. I’m also not above a bit of snark and humor. What I love more than anything else though is trying to find answers and asking “how can we do it better?”.  I’m enthusiastic and maybe a bit of an idealist.

Intellectual Property (Copyright):
The information posted here is to challenge us and it certainly challenges me.  If you take the challenge by reading my posts or someone’s post that copied my post then I think I’ve succeed (and let’s be honest, it isn’t like I could stop you).

So here’s the legal jargon:
The author, Jennifer Meyer, released this content into the public domain and no permission is needed to disseminate or modify any content.  My good friend Andrew Odom said it best, “credit is appreciated but not required.”


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