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My Dog

I have a dog.  Her name is Galaxy.  She is a medium-sized black lab/something mix and we brought her home with us early 2008.  She is crazy…not just crazy, she is neurotic.  She is head shy and doesn’t seem to like men very much.  My guess is she had a heavy-handed male owner for a bit before she was placed for adoption.  She is lazy too.  I have never seen a dog lay around as much as a cat, but Galy does.  I’ve watched her lay in one position for over an hour, get up and move three feet to lay down for another hour.  She can be silly at times and she is hugely protective of both me and the kids.  I have no doubt she would defend us with her life.

The other night my son got up extremely early.  I put him back to bed and he was up again within a few minutes.  When I returned to my own bed after putting him down a second time my dog let out this low groan.  A huge sign unto the heavens asking for peace during the night.  It was a deep guttural sound and the very first thing I thought was, “that isn’t the sound a girl makes.”  As soon as the thought was out I had question marks in my head.  Where did that come from?  What is a “girl” sound?  And then after a few seconds – does a dog have a “girl” anything?  SMH

My only defense is that it really was very early in the morning.  But I couldn’t help pondering that a little bit.  Do nonhuman have a male/female vibe to them?  I mean does on dog look like a girl while another a boy and what makes the difference?  What about birds, cats, tress?  I mean why stop with animals, boats are typically called “she” and the moon is traditionally a female icon.  Tons of things in Western culture are categorized with a “he”.  It just got me wondering where that came from?  What makes a dog look like a girl?  What do we project onto an animal or an object that classifies them in such a way?  What does it say about our own personal ideas about what a male and a female are?

I have zero answers just an interesting tidbit that came to me in the middle of the night from my dog.  My awesome, loving and fantastic girl dog.  🙂


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