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My daughter can say the most profound things.  I guess children are good at that.  Recently, the last year or so, my vocabulary has started to change.  The way I am defining some words is expanding.  Love for example.  I’m getting to an understanding of love now that when I hear the word I o longer think of the same ideas.  I think of allowing, letting.  Slowly, very slowly, moving closer to what unconditional love might be.  Just as a disclosure that doesn’t mean I am great at expressing that way just that I am getting more comfortable thinking about it that way.

Light is another word that is changing for me.  I mean when I heard the word light before I thought of light, the very simple kind that allows us to see, that removes darkness.  Recently that definition has begun to include words like; understanding, awareness, etc.  Even in my day-to-day conversations with others.  Like, for example, the simple and yet profound question asked by my daughter this morning. While wearing my sunglasses she asked very innocently, “why are these better?”.  I’m still not 100% sure of what she was asking but let me share where my thoughts went.

“Why is what better?”

“The sunglasses.”

“They block the light so we can see better.”

Wait – hold the phone.  What?  Blocking light is what helps us see better?  BLOCKING LIGHT?!?!?

Wow!  My mind went immediately to, we just aren’t ready for all the understanding there is in this universe.  Like we can’t see it yet.  It’s too much for us right now.  There is so much to understand, to know, to be aware of that we have to block some of it out to be able to function.

Holy cow.

It is very possible to think on that and get discouraged I think.  I mean my first thought was, “that sucks”.  I want to see all the Light.  But I believe the Truth is actually more hopeful than that.  I think that it means we don’t need to get so caught up in what is going on because we really can’t See it all anyway.  We just aren’t capable (yet) to be aware of the big picture all of the time.  It will come, in different ways and at different times but for now we aren’t ready.

That is what to put your faith in.  What do you think?


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