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Letting Go – A Child’s Perspective

This morning started like any other and I was driving the kids to school, listening to my daughter happily chat behind me.  We have just returned from vacation and this morning start was a little easier than the day before, we are all in a good mood and on time.  🙂  Good times.  Very randomly my daughter asks, “Mom, do you like those little ring toss games?”

“Which games?”  I was fairly certain she wasn’t talking about the games at the fair.

“You know, where you push the button and try to get those tiny little rings into the bucket or basket?”  Ah!  The little handheld water guys!  I understand now.

“Yum, I guess so.  They can be hard but fun sometimes too.”

“Yeah, I love them.  Madison and Kaden have a bowling ball one at their house and I really love it.  They said they don’t play with it much and I didn’t ask but I thought I would  like to have it, I would play with it all the time.”  I’m pretty sure she didn’t breathe through that.

And as she explained this to me I am thinking in my head, sweetie, you don’t like those little things.  If you had one it would sit buried in the bottom of a basket in the back of your closet and you would forget it was there.  And suddenly I was stuck with how easily children let things slip in and out of their lives.  One minute something is there, it is magnificent and wonderful and the greatest thing ever and in 15 minutes they have completely moved onto something else.  How easily they let go of things.

This becomes less true the older we get right?  My 9-year-old isn’t nearly as good at it now as she was at 5.  But my son is masterful.  I have never known anyone who so completely accepts “right now” for whatever “right now” is.  He moves into each moment and finds the most joy in it he can.  When the next moment comes with something else he is perfectly content moving into that next thing with no attachment to what was before.  How easily he let’s go.

Letting go is big for me right now.  I frequently have an image of just opening my hands with the idea of letting go.  I am in some major transitions in my life and I can’t help but wonder how long they will last simply because it is so hard for me to let go, to open my hands and release.  I pray about letting go.  I meditate on it.  I talk about it with family and friends.  I am almost constantly thinking about it.  And in this brief moment my daughter is able to illustrate for me how very simple it can be.  And every time I look at my son I am blessed with another reminder.  How easily we can let go.

I am coming to believe that the secret is Faith in something better on the other side.  And I don’t mean the “grass is greener” kind of better.  I mean a more complete understanding of what we want better.  I truly believe that we learn more about ourselves and our world each day.  And I also know that change is the only unchangeable thing.  Life is change and evolution in some form or another.  So with each new understanding of ourselves we can move closer to what is our best path.  Provided we have Faith it is there and can let go of what was before.

I will continue to work on this, I am sure, for the rest of my life.  It is part of the process.  But this morning, in her gentle and joyful way, my daughter brought a spotlight to it for me and maybe for today, letting go will be easier.




4 thoughts on “Letting Go – A Child’s Perspective

  1. When I was about your daughters age I remember an old gentleman saying that he had a personal motto. I heard him tell my father what it was and I thought it was so cool so I stole it for my own. That was at about age nine and at age 56 very few months pass without reflecting on it.

    The motto is “Adapt Quickly.” Thinking about it so much has caused it to become an intricate part of my life. To adapt means to let go and readjust. On occasion I have even been criticized for it. We tend to like to wallow, so much so that if we don’t it can even make others uncomfortable. In reality, letting go as quickly as possible makes life new and exciting.

    Excellent post, and you may borrow my motto.

  2. You have always been so wise and I am watching you become wiser and more extraordinary all the time. What a joy that is for me my sweet wonderful granddaughter

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