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Look Straight

It’s been floating around for a while now but have you watched the “Look Up” video yet?  It’s pretty popular and it’s certainly powerful, good message.  And it gives me lots to think about no doubt about it.  Actually one of the most impactful points was the few lines when he talked about how our children have only seen us engage online, how are we teaching them to be social  That is especially impactful for me because I work from home, I do spend an awful lot of time on the computer.  And certainly my children do too.  I have a little problem with the video though, despite it’s message which I do believe in.  The video is pretty judgmental and short-sighted.  They clearly meant to make a point – again, a valid point.  But in doing so I would hate people to add to the list of things they now have to feel guilty for.  What I mean is that in making their point, they left out the other half of the equation.  The focused so hard on the potential problem that they completely ignored the potential advantages.

So in that vein, again with the complete understanding of the extremely valid point the creators are making in this video, let me give you a few ideas to ponder from the other side.

1. Technology has the potential to create social outlets for those that can’t get them any other way.  I’m speaking of my son obviously but the same holds true to a number of issues.  I can see my son having the best experience with friends and family by way of social media.

2. You can make real relationships online.  One of my dear and closest friends I met and got to know via Facebook.  I honestly, I might not have had the courage to make that connection in the way that I did if it hadn’t been for the platform.

3. Diversity is growing.  I know more about other cultures and other places now because of social media.  Twitter, Facebook, Instagram can (and do) give a glimpse at other people’s way of life and they is so much to learn, discover and explore (with other people) in those ways.

This is a really short list.  I could go on and on but do you see the real issue here?  The real issue isn’t looking down or looking up. The real issue is people need to look straight. Guys we need to think and that has nothing to do with the technology.  It’s the intention behind the usage that is the potential problem, not the usage itself that is the problem.  When you get on Facebook are you being YOU?  Are you being real and authentic?  Are you asking or inviting others to be real with you?  That is social.  Facebook is very social if you build intimacy with the people you engage with on it.

So think – think while watching this video and take it for the extremely valid point that it is.  Use it as a reminder that we need to be real and authentic and genuinely care about those in our lives.  And that is the realpoint.  The real issue is to think, be real, look straight ahead.  How you are able to do that is irrelevant.


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