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Goddess Girlfriends

Ok, you know when you go to college and hang out with your girlfriends?  You talk, probably drink a little (or maybe a lot), giggle, dancing.  You know??  I don’t – I didn’t do any of that.  Never have.  Ever… Didn’t think I was missing out until the last few years.  I meant some girls at work and actually enjoyed doing girlie things – shopping and stuff.  It was very bizarre.  In recent months I’ve been thinking about that lost time.  About girlfriends to hang out with and I have been trying to figure out what I even really want and or need from friendships like that.  You know – close intimate same-sex friends.  I’m not sure why but my mind went immediately to Sex in the City, which is ironic since I have never watched the show.  But I thought to myself, those are the kinds of friends I want.  Girls I can call when I have a bad day and they come over with chocolate and wine.  Or take me to dinner with cheesecake.  Girls that will celebrate with ME when my daughter or son reaches a milestone or when I get a great professional opportunity or at the start of a romance.  But as I was thinking about it I realized I don’t really want Sex in the City friends (again, I’ve never seen the show) I want Goddess friends.

I want to have a few women that I can be a woman with.  I want to enjoy girl things and talk about girl stuff and think in girl ways.  I want to surround myself with women that are warriors and lovers.  Women that seek meaning in their lives and encourage that for others.  Women that aren’t afraid to be women.

See I don’t have many girlfriends, maybe 2??  Maybe…and the reason is I was burned bad by friends in high school.  I moved in the 4th grade and just had a hard time finding my place with the new peer group.  It never really got easier and so I ended up bitter and resentful.  I am only now beginning to see how much I have maybe missed.

And I’m finding it is important.  It’s important to have a group of girls I can go to and have fun with and cry with.  I have tried and failed to put all of that into my opposite sex relationships and it did not work.

At all.

So this post is my call out to the Universe, to God, to show me those women.  Turn a spotlight on them and show me how to grow those relationships.  The Goddess Girls that will continue to help shape my life and whose life I can help shape too.

And thank you – cause I know they are there.


2 thoughts on “Goddess Girlfriends

  1. It isn’t just limited to girls. Not that I think you are saying that. However, this is experienced by guys as well. I do not have guy friends; bros, if you will. It just seems that as life happens (marriage, kids, work, etc) the gap between you becomes more and more severe. It takes work to keep those friendships together and often times it is not truly welcome work or it is work that requires every last smidgeon of energy you have. I hope the universe answers you!

    • Marriage is a relationship like no other and children bring a dynamic that is unstoppable You are right it is hard work to keep any relationship alive but when you aren’t forced to interact with a person it becomes even harder. I find the biggest hurdle for me is knowing that and feeling that people want to hear what I have to share. Little things that bring me joy, like baking a great loaf of bread and wanting to tell someone. In my mind the thought is always, “who really wants to hear that?”. But those are the hurdles I need to learn to jump. Thanks for your comment!

      On Thu, Apr 24, 2014 at 9:11 PM, Consider this… wrote:


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