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9 years

My daughter’s birthday is this week.  She will be 9.  Almost a decade.  She is so funny and smart and wonderful.  I was thinking about being a mom, a mom for 9 years.  How much I have learned about myself from her.  This won’t be a long post because I respect the privacy of my children but I wanted to acknowledge her birthday.  To share with everyone how very proud I am of her.

I think as a parent it is difficult to let your child really walk their own path but that is what I am learning to do.  Ironically, as I face more struggles, I look at my daughter and honor more and more of her unique personality and character.  Each time another situation comes up it becomes easier to look at her and allow room for her to walk her own path.  That is ultimately what this is all about.  Her being on this Earth isn’t about being my child, it’s about allowing her to walk her path so she can offer more of herself to the world.

So here is to my first-born.  My Angel baby.  My gloriously intelligent, magnificently perfect daughter.  To her 9 years of growth, change and becoming her own her.



4 thoughts on “9 years

  1. Even though my daughter is only approaching three I can echo what you are saying about learning so much from her and from the process of being a parent. I can hardly remember who I was before she came along. What a gift to my life. Oh, the lessons I’ve learned. Here’s to your success as a mother, a friend, a mentor, and a human!

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