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In Bright Colors

I felt the need to post this today because of the weather.  Today, during another wintery mess, my children and I had ANOTHER snow day.  I have lost count but I believe we are 9 for the year which in NC, is kind of unheard of.  It was in the low 30’s, with a rainy/icy/sleety mix falling from the heavens all day long.

I am so sick of winter.  And the rain. And the clouds.  I want sunshine that lasts more than 24 hours (outside of the night hours) and with that attitude I am posting some pictures of a fabulous yellow jacket I found several weeks ago.  I love it!

I have been looking for the perfect yellow jacket for years and have had a hard time finding what I liked with the price point I wanted.  This is what I found! yellow1

Is it not the most glorious color ever?  🙂 I see it and smile.  I really like how it pairs with this insanely pink purse too.  How do you see that and not think happy spring days??

Here is one of me in it.    yellow2 Fantastic.

At any rate I just needed some bright shiny colors today.  And I am sooo looking forward to the sunshine and warmer weather in two days.



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