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I had a thought this morning when I saw the sunrise.  The last few days the sunrise has been golden and unblemished.  With no clouds in the sky the sun slowly peeked up over the horizon and lit the world with a radiant golden light.  Beautiful to be sure.

But isn’t in interesting that the most beautiful sunrises (and sunsets) are the ones with clouds?  The colors that come from the light hitting these, mostly water-filled, blocks create a rainbow in the sky.  Suddenly not just gold, but pinks, oranges, purples, and reds can be seen.  So glorious.  Because of a block for the light to go around…

Wow, that was really impactful for me today.  We try so hard to clear the clutter from our lives, all the while hating it, wishing it wasn’t there.  But the blocks create for some really beautiful light huh?

Just something to think about.  Enjoy your sunrises.  🙂


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