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Working Up a Sweat

I got a punching bag!!!! Love, love, love it!  At one time (while in college) I took karate.  I really enjoy martial arts and loved those classes but I went away to school and it got lost in part of my past.  Several months ago I tried going to a few dojos in my local area and with single motherhood and wanting to be active in my church I just couldn’t justify the time.

Then the New Year came and I thought about exercise (as everyone does) and I don’t like to run.  I don’t really have anyone to play sports with and I don’t have a lot of time to head to a gym or dojo.  What to do?

Well – get a punching bag of course!!!

I love it and so does my son (check out the picture).  I hit, kick and kiyai at that thing every morning and I LOVE it.  Great stress relief, and this morning I actually broke a sweat which I don’t really enjoy.  But when you’re kicking butt – it’s fun.  🙂

karateMy son slugging the bag.  🙂


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