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Through the Eyes of My Children

I don’t have a sophisticated appreciation for art.  I like art, my home is decorated with pieces I find peaceful or beautiful.  I enjoy art museums but my understanding of it is limited to say the least.  I have heard it said that you can learn about the artist through their work and that is the level of appreciation I have not achieved.  I look at art and decide rather quickly if I like it or not and I could probably tell you why in most instances but no way do I have the skill to try to talk about what the artist was trying to say.

Having said that, my kids are the best artist in the world, and I have learned more about them through their art, particularly my son, then I would have thought possible.  Let me give you a small sampling.  🙂

1392591179186 An Owl on a Branch – this is my daughter (8yrs).  Typical of her this drawing includes some sort of animal.  And she LOVES animals.  She also love pink and this drawing is littered with it.  It’s bubbly and happy, just like her.

1392591203084My son’s work here (6yrs), in Monster Truck Race.  He loves monster trucks.  Actually he just likes trucks and his two favorite colors are blue and red – both seen here.  He is actually recreating a YouTube video he likes to watch.  His drawings are a glimpse into his world and are particularly special to me because he doesn’t talk much.

1392591214253Another one of my son’s drawings.  Darth Vader vs. the Trains.  The giant figure in the middle is Vader.  He love Star Wars and Vader might be his favorite.  He is also a fan of pencil drawings where as his sister is more apt to use color.

1392591226789 Animal? Yes.  My daughter’s? No.  And the reason I put it up is because while he was asked to complete the little tiger face his own work is in the bottom right, and it is of course some type of vehicle with wheels.

1392591232023This one is my daughter but she made it for her brother which makes it something truly spectacular.  My daughter can get very frustrated with her little brother, this token of kindness shows that underneath it all she really loves him.  As only a sister can.

1392591247325 Another classic work of my 8-year-old this is actually a blueprint for her dream house.  It is taped to her wall above her bed and boosts a slide, pool and specific pet areas for each species.

1392591265585  Valentine art done by both little ones.  The bottom is my son’s and shows a smiley face in the bottom left corner.  Very typical for him, he likes smiles.  The one on top is completely pink and sprayed with glitter.  Two guesses who’s that one is?  🙂

Spring is in the Air  Again with my little girl and the animals.  This butterfly is actually 3D and is secured to the paper so he pops out as if flying over the flower.

So there you have it.  A beautiful glimpse at the world of art through my children.  Their pictures are hanging all over my house and they cycle out every once in a while.  I love the color and whimsy and when I can focus properly I see them and smile and what they tell me about my little cherubs.


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