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Love Is…

Today is the day of love. It’s on everyone’s mind, even mine. I wonder how we think about love though? I’ve been thinking about it a lot; what it is, what it isn’t. How to get it, how to have it. I find it interesting that we put this day of love in February when it’s cold and somewhat bleak, yet beautiful and silent. I know I’m not really where I hope to be with my understanding with love. Being divorced it’s easy to become cynical about love I suppose. But only cynical about the love that is maybe not real anyway.

Spiritually ideas of love are so different from what we see or read.  I have been told that God IS Love (capital L).  That makes love a noun not really a verb, though certainly it can be and is a verb too.  We express love, but we also are love and I believe that.  I might not always remember but I believe.  šŸ™‚  Think about that for just a minute.  Love is an actual thing, a force.  Like gravity or magnetism.  I actually like thinking about it like that because those things (gravity and magnetism) bring things together.  Like love – the great universal allower.  Love ALLOWS.  It allows growth, sharing, honesty.  It allows mistakes, mess-ups and even fear.  Because Love knows (read God) that with Love comes healing and eventually wholeness.  Why? Because love brings everything together.  People, thoughts, ideas, events, activities, everything.  It’s glue.  It’s amazing.

I always think about the 1 Corinthians definition of Love.  The one everyone has heard; Love is patient, kind…etc.  That definition gets lost along with the idea the Love is actually a noun and not just a verb.  We forget that Love isn’t just something we express, it is a part of our souls.  A part of this universe.  A piece of God that will bring everything together – when we are ready to let it.  We are just waiting to understand it better so that we can be ready for that.  Ready to BE Love with God.

When I can remember that I have hope for my path.  For all our paths.

Enjoy your Valentine’s Day everyone and remember Love isn’t just something you do.  It’s part of who you are.


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