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Here I Am Again

I am both excited and nervous about getting into blogging again.  My previous blog, Career College Library, was great and I really enjoyed writing.  I found that my enthusiasm for keeping it up waned though.  Actually I not even working in a library any more and I didn’t feel right about continuing a blog with a theme that I wasn’t currently involved.  But I really did love the writing, so after much thinking and meditation and praying I’ve decided to jump into it again.

My original thought with Consider this… was to have more of a life blog and that is what I’m going keep with.  I’m excited about sharing my life and thoughts with others and for whatever reason this feels like a safe place to do.  LOL, which is funny actually because one of the reasons I was hesitating to blog again is because I know I will have friends and family read this and I hope I don’t have to do a lot of justifications as I go along.  :)

So here we go, a brief peek into my life.  In the last year I have changed positions at my current employer and instead of library work I am now helping with the curriculum development process.  I’m enjoying it and I’m learning a lot about the education administration.  One of the areas of my life I haven’t discussed much is my spirituality, I am very active with my church, Unity Church of Raleigh, and am involved with their music team, youth ed team and their prayer team.  My little ones are growing fast and I have recently found myself in the role of single motherhood.  It’s been a year of changes for sure and not all have been easy.  I’m reading a lot, crocheting a lot and living a ton.

I hope you visit again.  Stay in touch and bring your thoughts and experiences with you.  True to my original idea for this blog I’m looking to create a place where we can all learn, love and grow together in fabulously wonderful ways.


One thought on “Here I Am Again

  1. There seems to be a spiritual awakening going on. I wonder if we’ve exhausted ourselves with the endless supply of “how to find in 5 easy steps” peace, happiness, contentment, love, forgiveness, the right relationship, and on and on. Perhaps we are coming full circle and believing that God provides. To realize these gifts are already within us, we don’t need to find them, we just need to accept them.

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